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I nearly titled this "Wait, where did that come from?" but went for something more informative. Oddly, that might have explained where the mystery aspect came from, sort of.

So I dreamed, shortly before getting up this morning, about Sam and Dean from Supernatural, which I have never watched but keep seeing posts about. Instead of (or in addition to?) the actual current plotline, they were in some sort of major trouble because of having not completed something, possibly an old school assignment, and they were trying really hard to find out what it was and finally tracked down a reference to 8/13/05 in an old notebook.

But it was one of those dreams with a sort of dual level of awareness, and I spent most of the dream convinced that this was some task, obligation, or assignment that I had left undone. I'm not entirely sure what I thought would happen to me if I didn't find it, but I woke up still trying to remember what it was. I'm still not sure it doesn't exist, either, but maybe it just represents the feeling that there are several things I ought to be getting done soon.
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I can only think this had something to do with reading [ profile] fernwithy's current fic.

Harry Potter and Teddy Lupin were sitting on opposite sides of a small table and performing a very strange spell, formatted more like Voldemort's resurrection spell than anything else, although less gruesome. One of the ingredients was a tuft of Greyback's fur, representing an evil that had risen again after it ought to have been already dealt with. I can't remember the three other ingredients.

Wedged into sharing one end of the table were [i]two[/i] versions of Voldemort. One was apparently supposed to be the variation from shortly before his final death, although instead of a pale noseless snake-face he looked like a slightly puffy middle-aged vampire. The other was a younger version, who proceeded to take up the completed potion and pour it down his shirt-front, inside his vest. On purpose.

As far as I can tell, the purpose of the event was to let some reporters do an interview with the Voldemorts. They didn't seem to like each other much; I don't recall the details but they were very snarky at each other. Also oddly so at themselves. Somebody asked one of them about an occasion -- possibly equivalent to his first or second Horcrux, but the dream seems to have mixed this up with ripping into Bertha Jorkins' mind and possibly with what I've read about Sylar from Heroes. At any rate, there was something about his having gotten hold of somebody's memories. And he was going on about how by that time he had realized he was a fairly pathetic instance of human being.... "genetically." The whole trailing off and then saying "genetically" in an emphatic and contemptuous tone at the end seemed to be something of a motif, presumably as a slur at his parents and counterpart.

My dreaming mind, as I have occasionally noted before, seems to have a remarkably limited grasp of characterization.
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I'm beginning to think I should get a dream icon. Maybe something really psychedelic.

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And so it's ridiculously late and I'm going to bed now. Maybe I'll have another interesting dream.


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