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Author: [ profile] persephone_kore
Title: Seek Under Stone
Rating: PG?
Summary: Helga Hufflepuff, in her youth, seeks out the cave where Loki lies bound to learn from his longsuffering wife Sigyn.
Author's note: For the Finish-a-thon at [ profile] multific.

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Miscellaneous updates:
I have submitted my dissertation to my committee and for the format check. The format check told me three things to fix, all of which seem to be related to the template they recently updated. As in, Friday. I'm actually glad I didn't notice; it's relatively minor stuff, but would have been frazzling to try to do on Friday when I was trying to finish and print things.

I was trying to finish things on Friday because on Sunday I had to fly to Madison, Wisconsin for a meeting. Next week is another meeting. Twelve days, three meetings, whee. I got to talk! The talk slots are very limited, so I felt much honored. It went very well, too.

In recreational news...

As a sort of reward for finishing my dissertation, I entered the Rainbow Day (or week) poetry contest on Rescreatu, which was ending that night... and won. Competition for the writing contests is getting stiffer with the NTWF invasion, though, and people getting out of school for the summer. I entered the May book contest, too, but I suspect my entry wasn't quite right for the challenge. Fun though. I might post it here at some point. I applied as staff, too, actually. Writer. We'll see how that goes. And signed up for the CCF, which is sort of an organized program for being responsible Rescreatu citizens, but I'm waffling on whether to stay because it seems like there are a bunch of fiddly things to keep track of.

I have realized that when I have a big project, I tend to accumulate other things I want to try to do, and responsibilities I'm tempted to take on. I'm tempted to look for a Padawan on, too, but I'm not sure I'd really be suited. I'd probably be too hands-off or something. Either that or start cowriting and nag the poor person to death!

I want to finish "Something Better Than This" before the next book comes out, which means writing and posting nearly a chapter per day average, especially if I don't want to be posting the last week when nobody will, you know, care because the real thing is upcoming. I'd also like to archive it somewhere besides LJ. So far looks like the best option, since I'm not sure what's welcome at the Sugar Quill now, Mugglenet rejected it for having an incoherent summary and not italicizing spell incantations, both of those have an approval/update process that can take several days, and Fictionalley lets me update as I please (I qualified for auto-approval) but has mysteriously attached my fic to someone else's review thread.

I also want to write fic for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I will leave several lines of spoiler space between this and the comments section, but no guarantees depending on screen size. )


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