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So, I realized that as of last Sunday I had 42 days to get everything done before two weeks of academic meetings -- I'm defending shortly after I get back, so I have to get my dissertation to people before I go. I also, of course, have to get presentations ready for the meeting... and some other stuff around the house.

This past week has not been terribly productive in terms of getting the dissertation written, but we have gotten the taxes done, Roths funded, my annual progress meeting prepared for and over with, my defense scheduled, and a new car picked out.

There has also been good news on both the car and the trip front. For the car... on Friday, they came out with an incentive involving 0.7% financing. Nice. We bought our last one outright, but as we get higher interest on savings than that....

For the trip? I and another guy from lab get to give talks. Usually we've done posters -- there are limited talk slots. Very cool.

I am pleased.

I've also acquired a new toy. Er, hobby. Rescreatu is a comparatively young petsite (I think it's been around for... a year or two? But opened or possibly reopened to the public last November.) They've got four planets corresponding to the classic elements, "Creatu" that you hatch from eggs found on different planets, books that you can read more than once and some of which have content (but the toys are one-use), and different professional tracks that give you different options, but you can try out more than one. It has the marks of still-getting-started and a small population, which is a new experience for me since I usually come in late. I entered their lone writing contest already. Anyway, I'm entertained.


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