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I can't claim that I've had any problems with normal (and often very inexpensive) products, but because it looked like fun, I splurged and bought some stuff from Lush. Summary and reviews on the stuff I've used so far after the cut.

Before the cut, I have questions. I am toying with the idea of a foray into henna, just for the fun of it. Comments, experience, advice?

Relevant points:

My hair is... brown. Middling brown with some variegation, stray strands of gold or red. I have never bleached or dyed it; the most it ever got was colored or glittered hairspray for Halloween or sports events. It's currently down to the middle of my back, and a ponytail is... hrm... about an inch in diameter? It goes fwoosh in humidity but is overall remarkably well behaved. I think it grows roughly half an inch per month.

I have a habit of going to bed with wet hair. I gather I'd have to stop that, or else take a dark towel to cover the pillowcase.

I find plain white vinegar makes a very refreshing conditioner. I know some people say this is bad for your hair, but I have not observed any damage.

I don't want to feel I have to recolor, or try to dye back to my original color, when it starts growing out. I'd prefer if it faded smoothly so the roots don't look like a stripe; I gather there's a lot of variation on this.

I know to do a strand test. I'm thinking an underlayer on the side of my head so I can see it in the mirror and find out whether it fades enough for the roots not to be obvious. Given my current age and workplace, even if it peeks out I don't think anybody will be perturbed.

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