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Random and rather plotless fic. Inspired by Deathly Hallows, therefore spoilers.

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Challenge #101: Pound
Ice )
Ceiling of the Great Hall )
Ehwaz )
Smith )

Challenge #102: Spring Note: "Walk with Me" through "Red and Gold" are Molly/Arthur; several have varying levels of sexual content.
Fourteenth Century Silver )
One of Those Nights )
Guardian )
Cake! )
Walk with Me )
Quiet )
A Little Loud )
Taste )
Playing Games )
Expectation )
Red and Silver )
Red and Gold )
Sproing )
Reprieves )
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As a note, I think I fell out of the habit of [ profile] hp100 drabbling before HBP came out, so all of these are from before it.

Challenge #96: Prompt
Only Once )
Shopping List )

Challenge #97: Stuffed Including what may have been the first appearance (with multiple origins!) of the recurring stuffed basilisk.
Explosives )
After the Feast )
Teasing (sexual content) )
Sinusitis (icky content) )
Unpacking )
Childhood Companion )
Leaving Feast )
Parting Gift )
The Man Behind the Curtain )
Heirlooms )
Guide to Moderately Uncommon Magical Artifacts: Introduction )
Guide to Moderately Uncommon Magical Artifacts: Pensieve )
Breathtaking )
The Music Box )

Challenge #98: Me, Myself, and I
I Would Have My Students Bold )
I Would Have My Students Strong )
I Would Have My Students Curious )
I Would Have My Students Sure )
Sorting Song )
Holding Pattern )
Breath )
Defiant )
Fifteen Inches )
Adventure? )

Challenge #99: Swollen
Gunk )
Insults )
Begloomed )
Snap Dragon )
The Lion and the Unicorn )
Bitten )
Duped )
Sunshine and Daisies )
Fraternal Affection )

Challenge #100: 100
Foreplay )
Unbound )
Unbinding )
Building )
Luna's Earrings )
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Title: Needle Fangs
Author: Persephone_Kore
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~2K
Summary: Ankaa Black Potter had to wait decades for her son James. Before him was another dark-haired boy; she taught Tom Riddle of the Dark Arts, and he showed her their price.
Challenge: For [ profile] aella_irene. Tom Riddle-era: Harry's paternal grand-parents, their opinions of Tom, Dumbledore and Grindelwald. Bonus if one of them is borderline dark/friends with Riddle, double bonus if its his grandmother.
Notes: Harry's paternal grandmother and Riddle ended up dominating the story; I hope that's all right.

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Challenge #90: Late
Hogwarts: A Very Short History )
One Moment Please )
Reconciliation )
Before the Cup )
Before They Come )
Just Too Late )
Far Too Late )
Ophiuchus )
Biology and Grammar )
Pronunciation )
Hatch )
Names )
Spelling )

Challenge #91: Never
Predictions )
Hearth )
Torpid )
Brooding )
He'll Only Teach Purebloods )
This one isn't for points. Carry on./Hmph! )
The End )
How She Does It )
Can Do No More )

Challenge #92: Quills Gone Wild (also known as Objects Behaving Badly -- essentially anything not working as expected)
Step by Step )
False Step )
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts )
Glass Houses )
The Mystic Kettle )
Hair Ornaments )
Secret Chambers )
Cold-Proof )
Bath Behaving Badly )
Blanket Behaving VERY Badly )
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I find it decidedly embarrassing that I managed to miss the "What If?" challenge.

Challenge #57: Secrets
In the Grass )

Challenge #59: Alternate Sorting
More than Anything )
Monsters )

Challenge #67: Open and Closed.
Lullaby )

Challenge #84: Redemption
The Bravest Thing )
Open and Bleeding Hand )
Like That )

Challenge #86: Hard
Hogwarts )
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Challenge #13: Boggart -- fairly self-explanatory.
Little Black Book )

Challenge #14: Hogwarts: A History -- excerpts.
Games We Play )

Challenge #31: Death Eater Hobbies -- or whatever else they do.
Dolls )
Imperius )
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This was the first [ profile] hp100 challenge I participated in. I didn't realize I'd started that early in the game. Huh. Anyway, it was around the end of the school year, and the challenge was to "Write 100 words about that sad, sad day when Harry and his friends (or James and his friends, or whatever generation you wish) leave Hogwarts to become full wizards and witches." (posted by [ profile] it_rained)

This was also the second challenge Hufflepuff won.
Challenge #12: Leaving
You're Planning to Do What? )
Last Day )
Not What You'd Think )
Just and Loyal )
Expectations )
Just, Loyal, Hard-Working, and Did We Mention Stubborn as the Proverbial Ox? )
No Rest for the Wicked )
White Elephant )
Celebration )
No One Stays Forever )
Constant Vigilance )
Bright )
Bad Advice )
Sentiment )


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