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Title: Around the Heart of the Mountain
Fandom: Neopets
Characters: Kanrik, Hannah
Prompt: 47. Heart
Word Count: ~3900
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Author's note: Set near the end of the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot, before everyone goes home. The Heart of the Mountain is a magical gem that was involved in the main story.

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Title: Whispers of the Three
Fandom: Neopets (Battle for Meridell)
Characters: The Three, Lord Darigan, Lord Kass
Prompt: 55. Spirit
Word Count: 188
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Poetry again, previously published under the username Schefflera. The Three are spirits, possibly personifications, known as Ambition, Greed, and Revenge. They seem to like coaxing people into pursuing their namesakes, offering power, and then doing very nasty things as soon as their victim either loses a battle or wants to stop.

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Title:Stealing Hearts -- A Krawk Island Valentine
Fandom: Neopets
Characters: Kanrik, Masila
Prompt: #23 Lovers
Word Count: 1877
Rating: PG
Summary: Masila has been biding her time. Kanrik has a better idea.
Author's Notes: This was an interesting exercise: write a story for the Valentine's Day issue of a publication that doesn't permit (much) romance. Granted, the restrictions were relaxed a little....

Also, hi, I'm not dead. I just got distracted by NaNoWriMo and holiday celebrations and then forgot to write much of anything for three more months.

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Title: Ballad of the Battle for Meridell
Fandom: Neopets
Characters: Possibly the entire populations of Darigan and Meridell.
Prompt: 34. Not Enough
Word Count: 405
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Previously published under the username Schefflera. Poetry based on a couple of the site plots. I'd give you background, but actually, this pretty much IS the background.

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So... I signed up for [ profile] fanfic100 and claimed both Neopets (in general) and Helga Hufflepuff. So here are my prompt tables.

Helga Hufflepuff )

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