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Title: Protégé: Vigil
Authors: Persephone_Kore and Dreagoddess
Timeframe: Post-TPM
Characters: Anakin, Dooku, Palpatine, others
Genre: General, AU
Keywords: Dooku, Anakin, training
Summary: Sequel to "Protégé: Chosen" and "Protégé: Padawans." Dooku has continued training Anakin... and the Sith Master is looking for a new apprentice.

Previously in series:


They called it the trial of the century. Word that the new Chancellor had tried to murder a Jedi in the middle of the Temple spread like wildfire over the newsvids, and the Jedi were besieged with reporters. Breathless commentators repeated every word in the official statements over and over, and speculated over what details had been left out. Particularly as word got out that Palpatine was being held in the Jedi Temple itself, in one of the ancient Sith holding cells.

The Senate reeled at the news of their leader being involved in an attack against such a respected organization as the Jedi. The Senators fractured, each blaming the other for putting Palpatine in power.

Queen Amidala sent an official delegation to express regret to the Jedi. She also revoked Palpatine's credentials as a representative of Naboo, accompanied by a scathing speech gleefully broadcast across every news channel. And speculations sprung up at why a native son of Naboo would try to murder the very Jedi who had played such a role in freeing Naboo from the Trade Federation assault so recently.

Slowly, the Jedi amassed evidence against him, and the renowned power-broker found himself disgraced and friendless on the Senate floor.

Dooku was just as glad when his testimony was over and he could attempt to relax again with his padawan. Or as much as one could relax with a small bundle of nervous energy running around the room.

"You're sure you're comfortable, Master? The Healers said you still weren't supposed to do too much. I could get you a pillow. Or something to drink. Or--"

"Padawan," Dooku interrupted at last, smiling tiredly. "Sit still for five minutes, please."

"Oh." Anakin dropped immediately to the floor. "Sure."

"Thank you." Dooku closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again to look at his padawan. "While I appreciate your concern, I am not overtired. Giving testimony is always... draining, although I'll admit to a certain degree of... satisfaction in seeing Palpatine fitted with a Force inhibitor."

"You didn't look like you were tired until you got back here. You looked like you had been, though."

"It was... draining, as I said. I'm simply glad it's over."

"But the trial's not finished yet. The news vids said--"

"Listening to the news overmuch can be hazardous to your mental health," Dooku said dryly. "For all intents and purposes, it is over. He has lost his power, lost his influence, and lost his ability to access the Dark Side. That is what matters."

"But... could they really decide to let him go?"

"I highly doubt it, after the testimony and the recordings my padawan so cleverly supplied." Another tired smile. "His friends in the Senate have abandoned him. They would not have if an acquittal were likely."

"I guess if they really thought there was a chance, they'd be scared to."

"Precisely." Dooku leaned his head back, a faint smile on his lips. "Darth Sidious is no longer a concern, and soon Chancellor Palpatine will not be either. Thanks to you." He opened his eyes to look at his padawan seriously. "Have I told you how proud I am of you?"

Anakin squirmed a little, but happily. "A couple of times," he said, then grinned and added, "but like I told you, Obi-Wan explained about repeating things a while ago."

That made Dooku laugh out loud.  It was still a rare sound, but nowhere near as rare as before he took Anakin as his padawan.  The boy delighted in testing his limits, but he was a joy to be around.   He reached out and tweaked Anakin's braid lightly.  "Imp.  I'm certain Obi-Wan didn't talk back as much to his Master."

"I hear Obi-Wan used to try to get him to stop arguing with the Council so much." Anakin looked up, eyes a little too exaggeratedly wide. "Is that what you want me to do, Master?"

"Force forbid!" Dooku exclaimed.  "I've always tried to teach my padawans to argue with the Council as much as possible.  I don't know where Qui-Gon went wrong with Obi-Wan."
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